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The relationship between the wheels, head angle, offset and where the rider weights the wheels is all we need to worry about when it comes to great handling bikes. The relationship between the saddle, the cranks and the rear axle is all we need to worry about when it comes to great climbing bikes.

These two things are separate and you won’t screw up the handling of the bike by having a steep seat angle (as long as you can drop the saddle out of the way!) and neither will you compromise the climbing ability of a bike by moving the front wheel further away or setting the steering at a slacker angle!

Honestly, it really is that simple.

GeoMetron 13


Whether you go for a multi-day alpine tour or only for a short, fast time at your local trail,
the GeoMetron 13 makes both up and down quicker.

GeoMetron 16
Mojo Special Edition


As lateral thinkers we often find ourselves on a different path to the
rest simply by questioning the status quo.

GeoMetron 19


The GeoMetron geometry makes this DH bike faster and more controlled for the beginner and the professional.



Most people who ride a hardtail know exactly why they do it. Wet, snow, mud - it doesn‘t matter anymore. All year long with no fuss and zero maintenance.


Don't just take our word for it, see what the media think of the GeoMetron
Nicolai’s radical enduro machine takes geometry and transmissions to the limit and beyond
'The whole trend for longer, lower, slacker bikes is becoming a bit of a cliché these days, with seemingly every brand on the market proclaiming their new bike is pushing the envelope of geometry. None of them, with the exception of Mondraker, really come close to the radical layout of Mojo’s Geometron — a custom Nicolai Ion, built to the specifications of Mojo’s eccentric owner, that’s now on sale to the public.'
Mojo/Nicolai's GeoMetron plots a future for mountain bike design

'When it comes to mountain bike geometry, what would have seemed extreme a few years ago is now commonplace. Bikes have been getting longer and slacker, while stem length has quite literally been cut in half. So does that mean there’s no room left for development? UK based suspension expert and Fox Shox distributor Mojo would disagree.'


First Ride: Nicolai Mojo GeoMetron

'After years of testing and timing, Chris has put his money where his mouth is, and in conjunction with Nicolai, the 'GeoMetron' has been born. The black beast is now available through his Mojo Suspension Centre in South Wales, so I headed down to Risca to ride and get the low-down direct from the source.' 



We can now offer test rides on the Mojo/Nicolai GeoMetron. 
If you simply want to take a quick look, have a chat about the options and take a bounce round the car-park please simply call and we’ll accommodate you when we can.
If you want to take a more serious test ride then we’d love to offer a full test ride option where we’ll set up the Nicolai to your bar, pedal and saddle specs and set the suspension so that you can test it back to back against your own bike to settle your mind about any extreme geo questions!

This option will involve working with a Mojo technician and uplift if necessary so we will have to charge £200 for this 1/2 day option. But it’s the only way to fully appreciate how a very different bike works and can be made to work for you!

Test ride charges are fully refundable against a full bike purchase

Longer, Lower - FASTER

Joel Moore takes the Longest GeoMetron for a ride!