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Chemical Green

Deep Black

Chocolate Brown

Atomic Yellow

Signal Yellow

Ivory White

Aircraft Grey

Jägermeister Orange

Flashy Orange

Semipermeable Orange Glaze

Firedepartment Red

Ruby Red

Panther Pink

Sky Blue

Navy Blue

Turquoise Blue

Sea Sick Green

Psycho Turquoise

Kawa Green

Grass Green

British Racing Green


We can now offer test rides on the Mojo/Nicolai GeoMetron. We have all three sizes in stock to see and try.
If you simply want to take a quick look, have a chat about the options and take a bounce round the car-park please simply call and we’ll accommodate you when we can.
If you want to take a more serious test ride then we’d love to offer a full test ride option where we’ll set up the Nicolai to your bar, pedal and saddle specs and set the suspension so that you can test it back to back against your own bike to settle your mind about any extreme geo questions! This option will involve working with a Mojo technician and uplift if necessary so we will have to charge £200 for this 1/2 day option. But it’s the only way to fully appreciate how a very different bike works and can be made to work for you!

Test ride charges are fully refundable against a full bike purchase